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Bellows / Expansion Joints

ATHULYA BELLOWS produces precise wid range of Metallic Expansion Bellows / Joints / Compensators and Flexible Corrugated House of various sizes types & ranges as per EJMA & international standards.

These Metallic Expansion Joints / Bellows performs theier tasks reliably for many years under stringent quality checks at various levels so they can withstand under any extremely operating conditions and thus endsures our customers a high quality bellow.

Gimbal Bellow
Pessure Balanced Bellow
Universal Bellow
Reinforcement Bellow
Rectangular Bellow-Meter Type
Hinged Tyupe Universal Bellow
Universal Bellow
Hinnged Type Bellow
Axial Bellow
Inline Pressue Balanced Bellow
Axial Bellow
Rectangular Bellow